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Author Sharon Gerlach

In this sequel to The Wyckham House, Aaron and Kimberly Schaefer discover that happily-ever-after takes some work. It doesn’t help that Kimberly is having precognitive dreams again – dreams that involve the still-missing Caleb Schaefer, her husband’s black-magic uncle who kidnapped her and held her hostage in a mysterious, dilapidated mansion five years earlier. Enter the scene the widow of one of Caleb’s minions, hell-bent on revenge, and the stage is set for disaster.

On the other side of the country, in the tiny town of Heron Bay on the Olympic Peninsula further, interior designer Rachael Payne is delighted to be involved in the renovation of Bayview Manor, an ancient mansion on the bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. It doesn’t hurt that the new owner, Geoffrey Windsor, is handsome and exciting in his own right. But Geoffrey doesn’t share Rachael’s enthusiasm about his house; from its mysterious origins to the strange current events, he’s certain something walks in Bayview Manor, unseen by the human eye.  And he wonders if Rachael’s untested faith in God protects her from the forces within the mansion…or merely blinds her to them.






He had an idea—or paranoia—that they were being stalked through the attic and the demons would let them get to the door…but not beyond. He didn't voice it; no sense giving them an idea if it hadn't already occurred to them, and no sense scaring Kimberly. He was determined to see her out of this house, and then—perhaps—that deed alone would be enough.

His questing hand struck a hard splintery object: a supporting pillar. They had reached the main aisle that led through the junkyard from one end of the attic to the other. Thirteen pillars to the left, and then a blind grope for the door. He yanked her up on her tiptoes to whisper in her ear.

"When I say NOW, throw yourself to the left and drop to the ground."

She moved to whisper back, and the scent of lilacs filled his space. "Can't we go back outside of time?"

"No.  They won't let us back out."


His hand tightened on hers, and she hissed in pain. "Kimberly, do you understand what I've done? I've broken every bargain I made with them. And twice refused to deliver you to them."

Her voice was cool. "I thought the keys fell out of your pocket on accident."

"They did. But when I took that shot at you before you ran into the woods, I aimed high."

"How merciful of you, Caleb."

"Think what you want."

"I always do."

He tugged her along through the lightless room, feeling for the pillars and counting them as they passed.


He felt them gathering around them, silent, stalking, anticipating.


Their presence stifled the already thick, heavy air. Cold sweat trickled down his neck and into the collar of his shirt. He gripped Kimberly's hand tighter, this time lacing their fingers together for strength; he didn't want to chance her slipping from his grip at an inopportune moment. That she allowed him to told him she felt the demons' presence around them.


Caleb took two steps past the last pillar and made what he hoped was a ninety-degree turn to the right. He secured his grip on her hand, lowering himself into a half-crouch, preparing for their attack.

Two more steps, and two more…

"NOW!" he screamed, and threw himself to the floor to the left. Their arms tautened between them, testing the strength of their hold on one another, and then went slack as she threw herself in the same direction a split second after him. Her lighter body flew farther, her hip glancing off his shoulder. She slammed into the floor behind him, and he rolled toward her and covered her body with his.

Shrieking and screaming, they came.


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