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112 Ocean Avenue in Amityville

What is demonic possession, and is it real?  Is it possible for a supernatural being to invade our reality, and possess our bodies?  If so, do they drive us to do evil things we otherwise would not.

We may never find the answers to these legitimate questions.   However, there are people in this world who claim to have had firsthand experiences with demons.  Our universe is so vast, strange, and unknown, how can we possibly say these experiences are all false?

The case I am presenting in this article is that of 112 Ocean Avenue, Amityville, Long Island.

Sound familiar?

It should.  It is the infamous home depicted in the book, then movies, The Amityville Horror.  Although, the fame came after George and Kathy Lutz wrote their book on their narrow escape from this demon possessed house, the story I want to tell is that of the DeFeo family.

Something more horrible happened in that home before George and Kathy Lutz moved in.

Ronald "Butch" Defeo Jr., and his father

You see, on the evening of November 13, 1974, Ronald “Butch” DeFeo, Jr., son of Ronald Sr. and his wife Louise, systematically walked through their Ocean Avenue home and shot the family to death.  He began with his father, then his mother.  Afterwards he went upstairs to the bedroom his brothers shared and shot 12-year-old Marc, and 9-year-old John Matthew.  He quickly moved to the bedroom shared by his sisters, 13-year-old Allison, and 18-year-old Dawn and shot both in the head. There was so much blood surrounding the girl’s heads, the first officers in the bedroom could not tell where they had been shot.

All the victims lay face down in their beds, except for the youngest one, who did not die instantly.   He lay on his bed, half turned, clutching the sheets.  The coroner believes his body may have convulsed after the bullet tore through his spinal cord. 

Why didn’t anyone wake up?  There were eight shots fired from a .35-caliber Marlin rifle that night, yet no one in the house stirred.  In addition, the family dog, tied up out back near the boathouse, was barking like mad, yet no one stirred.

Marc and John Matthew Defeo

Louise Defeo

They visited other friends and he spent the rest of his day drinking and taking go ahead .  Butch met his friend Bobby at a local bar around 6pm that evening and told him he had passed by the house, saw the family cars, but since he didn’t have the key, and no one answered, he could not get into the house.  Again, he called the house from the bar, to no avail.   He informed his friend that he was going to go home to break a window to get in because he feared something was radically wrong in the home.  Butch left, only to return in a panic a few minutes later stating he needed help because his mother and father were both lying in pools of blood and he could see someone had shot them.

At first, no one believed him, and still skeptical, some of his friends followed Butch to the home.  When they entered, what they saw, would forever be imbedded into their psyches.  Police arrived and Butch’s life continued to spiral from there.  After a thorough investigation, and a long trial, Ronald “Butch” Defeo, Jr., was convicted.

Allison and Dawn Defeo

What would drive a man to commit such a heinous crime against his own flesh and blood?  To this date, Butch’s story has changed over 10 times.  His latest version states his 18-year-old sister Dawn helped him with the murders, then she attacked him and he killed her in self-defense.  The position of her body, and other evidence makes this version of his story implausible.  The gun residue on her night gown was due to being shot at close range.

Detectives were able to get a confession out of Butch.  He finally admitted he’d killed his family.  He said once he’d started he just couldn’t stop.

I recently watched an interview with Ronald Defeo, Jr.; truthfully, I didn’t know how to read him, and I still don’t.  Perhaps he is insane, but not in a legal sense because he is aware of right and wrong.  Did demonic forces influence him? I don’t know, but I believe he would be a prime candidate.  His anger is almost palpable as he talks to the interviewer, rarely answering the questions he is asked, but instead going off on some tangent about his sister dawn.


The house on 112 Ocean Avenue was seething with dark energy.  If there were such things as entities that feed off human energy, this house would have been a hot spot.

Everything in the Universe is made of energy; this includes you and me.  Understanding that energy never dies, we can begin to speculate as to what happens to our energy when we die.  Throughout our lives, we are leaving imprints of ourselves, our essence, on our surroundings.  We also leave those imprints on the people we meet.   The more intimate the relationship, the bigger the imprint.

There are people who are sensitive to the energy left behind.  Just by touching objects, the person touched or walking through places the person lived, the “sensitives” can focus on different aspects of that life.  They can even follow a trail of energy, and that is why many psychics help with missing person’s cases, and cold case files.

I believe there are entities that can use the energy to materialize and manipulate the physical world.

How is this possible?

Join me for part two of this article where I will try to answer that question.

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