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Writer Guidelines




We are currently deciding on what type of compensation to give our contributors.  Currently, we do not offer any monetary compensation; although, “a bag of shiny buttons” was mentioned, we decided against it. 


If your work is accepted, we will compensate you with one copy of a writing publication, or an art publication.  You will have one choice out of three.  The one copy of the magazine you choose will be sent out at the end of the month to ensure you get the most current copy of the publication.  You will receive the same compensation no matter how many pieces we accept in that one month.


If you are an artist or writer who is being interviewed by Silverthorn Press, you will be compensated with a permanent page on our website and a HUGE thank you, and exposure of your work to our readers.


What we are looking for:


We are looking for character oriented stories.  The stories should appeal to our readers who are fans of Sci-fi, horror, paranormal, bizzaro, fantasy, gothic, and magical realism.  If your work does not fall into any of these categories, but you still feel it may be a good fit for our website, please send it in.

We are not only looking for short stories, we are looking for articles related to these genres, fiction and non-fiction.


We accept electronic submissions.  Please send to: with “submission – genre” in the subject line.  Of course, you will replace “genre” with the category you are writing in.  For example “submission – fantasy”. 


We also accept snail mail submissions.  Please send to:      

                                                                                          Silverthorn Press

                                                                                          PO Box 725

                                                                                          Eastlake, CO 80614



If you are sending a submission through snail mail, please be considerate and professional and type it out double spaced on clean white paper.  Author’s name and address should be on the first page.  Please enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope if you want the work returned.


We offer feedback but only if requested with the original submission.


Writer maintains all rights.


Flash fiction accepted.


Other than on our website, Silverthorn Press does not publish fiction reviews (they are done in house or are assigned specifically to a writer). However, we're interested in seeing advance copies of your soon-to-be-published work in order to possibly excerpt it. To mail an advance copy of your fiction : 

                                                                                Silverthorn Press

                                                                               PO Box 725

                                                                               Eastlake, CO 80614

 Give at least four weeks after submitting work for us to respond.  We do not respond to inquiries about the status of submissions.  We will let you know if it was accepted or not at the end of the four weeks.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR WRITERS:   If you send in work to us and we accept it although it needs light editing such as a few misspellings, we will do it without a fee.  If you send in work that needs heavy editing we will return the manuscript to you with suggestions.  Once the changes are made by you, please resubmit.  Thank you.


We do offer editing services for a fee.


Artist/Photographer Guidelines


We accept electronic submissions.  Size does matter.  Your best bet is to send us a link to your website and guide us to your artwork.  If not, you can send individual files as attachments. Size should not be less than 75dpi and should not exceed 300 dpi. 

You can send color copies and electronic files on DVD or CD to:

                                                                                Silverthorn Press

                                                                               PO Box 725

                                                                               Eastlake, CO 80614



If you want any of the copies returned, please include a self-addressed stamped envelope.  As with the writing, please give at least four weeks to hear from us.  We do not respond to inquiries about the status of submissions.

Artist retains all rights.



Follow us... ok ME...  on Twitter @WilliamJCorbin4 , (I removed the @SilverthornPress Twitter account because it just seemed redundant), for updates on what’s new at the Press, changes to submission guidelines, and call for artists and writers!  Thank you.


If you have any questions please send an email to .


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