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Demon Sitting by Vrubel

The Rabisu are demons lurking in the shadows of many homes.  They mostly linger at the thresholds, waiting to attack those who enter the home.  But who are these Rabisu?  Where do they come from?
Legend has it, that the Rabisu are ancient beings.  So ancient, that it is believed they were part of the angelic rebellion, banished forever from heaven.  But, even believing this theory, it does not explain the reason behind their blood thirst.  Why and how, did these creatures evolve into vampiric spirits?
The Rabisu weren't always blood drinkers.  Originally they fed on human energy.  Why human energy? Why are we so special? Although many will want to argue that we are of the same essence as the angels, we must realize that we are not.  The human essence is a cosmic mystery.  We are made of both the physical and the spiritual.  I won't pretend to know what that cosmic mystery is, but we cannot deny that there is an energy these demons are attracted to.
These vampiric spirits first began to feed on this energy that we humans give off from the beginning of human existence.  They were here before us and they were there at our creation.  The more they fed on the energy, the stronger they became.  And as they grew stronger, the Rabisu discovered they could manipulate that energy.

They used the energy from the humans to move objects and create a cause and effect, not unlike that of a poltergeist.  By creating this type of havoc, they produced great fear within the humans they haunted, thus creating a greater surge of energy.  And this energy was dark and powerful, stronger than anything the Rabisu had ever tasted.  Stronger, these Rabisu became and they spread throughout the world.

As they migrated to different continents their influence grew, and so did their power.  They were feared and with great trepidation they were sought by magick users.  The powers of the Rabisu had grown so strong by the time of the Mesopotamians that they were able to influence human thought,  under the guise of benevolent caring spirits.  They taught dark mages and witches to conjure them.  Once conjured, these Rabisu grew more dangerous because they were now manifesting in physical form.  No longer were they inciting man to violence through their thoughts and emotions, but they were now causing physical harm to humans and their surroundings.

The violence that ensued after the conjuring was beyond anything that had been seen before in the world of magick.  Dark mages were conjuring these spirits to do their bidding, but instead were being slaughtered by them.  Once the Rabisu tasted the blood of humans, there was no returning.  Their blood lust was unstoppable.  And then a strange thing happened.

The magick users found a way to control the Rabisu, but not before some of the Rabisu found a way to stay in their physical forms.  Now, legend has it, they are the original vampires.  I can't say that's true, because, well, I don't know the origin of vampires. None of us do.

As man is prone to do, compromises with these demons were made in exchange for power.  Of course, anyone who believes he can control the Rabisu is foolish, because the Rabisu answer to no one.  

And now the common man/woman goes in search of the Rabisu for help.  They go to the conjurers, promising a cup of their blood as sacrifice to these creatures.  Is there a neighbor who has wronged?  Is there someone you hate?  Jilted lover?  Then seek the conjurers, for they will call forth the Rabisu and exact revenge on your enemies.  Of course, there are no promises that the Rabisu will not kill you in the process.

We come now to the question of how many Rabisu there are.  Unfortunately, no one really knows.  If we go with the original theory that they were part of the angelic rebellion, then they were in the group of angels banished from heaven, and that group's numbers are immense.  We are told that a third of the angelic host was cast down onto the earth.  And although the number of the angelic host is not exactly known, we can safely assume there were hundreds of thousands.  So, that makes for a lot of Rabisu.  

Do the Rabisu reproduce? They do, but not like humans.  They create the walking dead, the blood drinkers...vampires as we know them.  And here we must ask, are the vampires they create, more powerful than the Rabisu themselves?  Because of their physical nature of the vampire, I would believe they are.  Although, we can say they are at a spiritual disadvantage because supposedly vampires have no soul.  But that is still up for debate, which I won't do here.  The Rabisu, although very powerful, are limited.  They need the human to conjure them, where as the vampire becomes autonomous, even having the power to create new vampires. 

The Rabisu are dangerous, make no mistake.  They do not posses the filters a vampire, who was once  human, possesses.  They are animalistic in nature and their blood lust is uncontrollable.  They are harbingers of misfortune and death.  Because the Rabisu feed off the fear that is generated at the moment of the attack, those who die at their hands suffer greatly. The blood is ambrosia to these demons.  What the evolution of these creatures will be in the future, none can tell...but we can be sure it will spell doom for the human race.


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