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Copyright Natascha Peiser

Copyright Natascha Peiser

Copyright Natascha Peiser

Copyright Natascha Peiser

Copyright Natascha Peiser

Copyright Natascha Peiser

Copyright Natascha Peiser

With bold colors and daring designs, artist Natascha Peiser stirs the viewer's imagination.  Her designs are inspiration filled and thought provoking, but do not ask her what they mean.  She will simply tell you the interpretation is up to you, the admirer.  Please join us as we introduce our new addition to OUTSIDE the FRAME.  Natascha at times worries about getting her English across clearly, but with her artwork there is no need for words.

When did you discover your passion for creating art?

I guess when I was able to hold a pen & pencil . I can not remember any time without drawing or painting. When I was five I started to collect comics and that was like an awakening for me.
You create fascinating pieces that seem to communicate deep messages from a psychological standpoint.  Did you create them with that intention? Or do you just let the viewer develop their own interpretation?

No, I don´t create with any special intention. I start and just let it happen. just like jamming for musicians. Of course I try to be as naturalistic as possible when I do portraits of people, but my freehand pieces are just egoistic self expression and if people ask me: How did you come up with that idea, or what does that mean...don´t ask me because I don´t know...I'm very bad in interpretation of my own art, I leave that up to the viewer and hope no shrink will ever try to analyze my artwork.

The fantasy images you create seem to have a depth and fluidity not all artists have a talent to capture.  Where do your characters come from?  How do you develop your images?

Some characters just come back again and again...I develop my images mostly during the creating process. I don´t sit down and think: today I´ll paint an angel. They just come out, or not.


What artists influence your work and your imagination the most?  Living or dead.

When I was about five years old I started to collect Elfquest comics...I loved them and still do. The art of Wendy and Richard Pini influenced me the most. I also get inspired by pictures and photos I see or stories I read...or music.


How do you make time to paint?  Do you like to work in solitude?  Listening to music?
I paint when I am in the mood and there are times I do nothing for weeks and then again inspiration hits me and I paint until four in the morning. I don´t have a regular time to paint. I work all day in my regular job and time is short. So I paint when I can and have the need to.

I need music to paint or draw...the painting Saturnine was a 3 hour ride on heavy rotation listening... yes Saturnine by the Smashing Pumpkins. Again and again, until three in the morning. It is an example for what can happen if the channels are open. I also like to sit with friends and scribble some sketches...I like to, but don´t need to be alone when i work.

Copyright Natascha Peiser

How long do you work on an image, and when do you know it's finished?

For some pencil sketches I need five minutes and for my last painting I needed three hours.  There are pieces that come pretty easy and fast and I learned the hard way that it is better to leave them alone.

To know when a picture is finished is the hardest part. I screwed up a lot of pictures because I missed the right point to stop.


In what ways do you stretch yourself to help your work evolve and get even better?
I view art, I read about art, talk to other artists I like (online...internet is a great invention). I own a lot of art books from the old masters.  I´m a self-taught artist. I am learning by doing.


Do you do most of your own marketing?  How do you break up the time with creating and marketing?

Yes I do my own marketing. I try to spread my art as wide as possible. Therefor I have My Space, Facebook, Yuwie, Twitter, Wordpress, Blogspot...yes it is a lot and it eats a lot of time. Like I said before, sometimes I sit here until 4 am and spread my art around.

Do you attend trade shows to market your work?

No, not yet.

Copyright Natascha Peiser

What do you love about being an artist?

Being an artist and being able to create something out of the blue, out of nothing and nowhere and getting feedback and attention of course.


What is the most difficult thing for you as an artist?

Being an artist, that time and money is always short.

I understand you are creating an art book.  Tell us a little about that project.

I came up with the idea to create a little book...kind of like a CD booklet. I wanted some of my good pieces in there and I wanted it to be small enough to fit into an envelope, to keep the shipping costs low and to make it affordable.  I designed it and did send the draft to my friend, the author Julie M. Tate, in the U.S.A., because she agreed to contribute with her writing.  The book looked naked without any text, and I wanted something awesome for it.  I love Julie's writing style and I am glad that she helped me to put more soul into this art book.

We are still in the creation process and I hope to have it online for sale around christmas time.


Copyright Natascha Peiser

What's next for you?

I hope to get a real exhibition organized.  I would love to create album art (CDs , booklets) for musicians.  I will sell the DoItYourself ArtBook at my website.  I hope to sell some prints and originals.

Where can we find more of your work and how can customers and galleries find you?

you can find me at my homepage

You Tube

My Space







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