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Did you know there are agents looking to work with new writers? Yes, there are!  I know, I know... you think it's not true.  Why would agents want new writers when they can get an experienced author?  Well, think about it, more.  What do the new writers have to offer these agents?  Fresh ideas!  Unique point of views!  Willingness to work with the agent and make the writing what it needs to be to make it sell!  There are thousands more reasons and each agent has his or her own, but I tell you now, take the plunge... submit your work to some of these agents.  You've got nothing to lose and a lucrative career to gain.

The listed agents on this page were originally listed in Writer's Digest, the magazine for writers.  We cannot stress enough, how much we recommend obtaining a subscription to that magazine.  especially if you are a new writer.  If you don't want to pay for a full subscription, just buy the individual issues at your nearest bookstore.  We do not get any commission of any sort if you do buy the magazine.  We just believe it is a great magazine.
The agents are listed in alphabetical order.  And will change over time.  Also, all the agents listed are willing to work with NEW writers.  So, contact them!
Also, I am only listing the agents who are interested in the genres we focus on in this website, such as, fantasy, paranormal, horror, bizzaro, and magical realism.

Emmanuelle Alspaugh/Judith Ehrlich Literary Management

880 Third Ave., Eighth Floor, New York, NY 10022




Fiction Interests: romance, women's fiction, historical fiction.

Nonfiction Interests: narrative nonfiction, memoir, business and how-to.

Actively Seeking: paranormal, futuristic and historical romance, and urban fantasy.

Does NOT Want: detective stories, spy thrillers, cozy mysteries or any novel with a dead body in the first chapter.

HOW TO CONTACT:  E-mail queries preferred.  A nonfiction query should clearly describe the project and the author's qualifications for writing it, emphasizing any platform and existing audience the author has developed for the book, and listing any professional published work.  A fiction query should include the genre or category of the work, the approximate word count, and the first chapter or first 7-10 pages of the ms.  If sending by e-mail, please paste this sample after the query.

TIPS: It's useful to mention any trade press books to which your work might be compared.  If we are sufficiently intrigued by your project, we will ask for samples or the complete proposal or ms.


Jennifer Laughran/Andrea Brown Literary Agency



Fiction Interests: children's and YA only--realistic YA and middle-grade, humor, mystery, adventure, light fantasy and YA romance.

Does NOT Want: adult fiction, picture books, early readers, nonfiction, high fantasy or religious stories.

HOW to contact: E-mail queries only. Put "Query" in the subject line.  Send the query and the first 10 pages in the body of the e-mail.

TIPS: A 'no' from one of our agents is a 'no' from the entire agency.  If your work is declined, please do not resubmit the same work to another agent at our agency as we do communicate with each other about projects under consideration.



Kate McKean/Howard Morhaim Literary Agency

30 Pierrepont St., Brooklyn NY 11201



Fiction Interests: literary fiction, contemporary women's fiction, paranormal romance, romantic suspense, urban fantasy, mystery, YA and middle-grade fiction.

Does NOT Want: epic fantasy, sci-fi, or children's picture books.

How To Contact: Agent prefers e-mail queries, and generally responds in six to eight weeks.  Send a query letter and three sample chapters.

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