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Angela France, our new addition to The Bleeding Pen, has the desire to write.  She has the passion and drive to write a novel.  Perhaps one day her novel will be published, perhaps it won't, but after reading her interview and her blog, you can never doubt that Angela France has an ardent desire to tell a story.

Although her writing now is a little rough, all Angela needs is guidance, advice, and suggestions places and groups that will help her work around her learning disability.  When asked if she would keep writing, even though she would never get published, Angela answered as follows:


Yes I would. Writing is in my blood. I eat, breath, and sleep my characters and story lines, even though I am not that good with the technical aspects, which is why I need a good copy editor! Why I write? Why would I continue writing? I think it's the reaching out to people, and the ability to make my dreams, my thoughts, come alive with dialogue, and written imagery. To draw people in and make them love my dreams as much as I do, yes, even the scary ones.



 When did you start writing? 

As young as I can remember.  In the fifth grade..I always got into trouble for making up stories, what else could I be?


Have you sent any of your work out to magazines and such?

No.  I have always been afraid to and wouldn't even know where to start!

I know it can’t be easy because you have children, but how much time do you dedicate to writing?

I spend as much time as I can, every day, writing, but I am more of a story teller than a technical writer.

How do you make the time?

My mother helps me by watching the children.


What is your favorite genre to write in?

Sci-Fi, and Fantasy, I love Dark Fantasy too, just not that dark!


Tell us about the novel you are writing.

Naurenta is the title. It's about a make-believe world that is very real to me.  A world with dragons, and witches, and elves, with some space travel. Oh yes, and there's plenty of corruption, but you're just going to have to wait, or you can go to my website and get a rough, and I mean very rough sample of the first novel.


My main character, is a woman currently named Liz, and she's Half Elven, and Half Wizard. She knows magic better than anybody, but because she lives on old Earth, she can't show off. That would mean trouble.  She uses a glamor to shield the non believers because even in a world that has space travel, there are still those who don't believe in aliens or magic.


Most of the Elven race and other magical beings have fled to Naurenta, but Liz has fled back to Earth, to avoid contact with her lover.  Eric is his name and he's half  Dragon and Half human. He can shape shift, having learned some magic, and he is the king of Naurenta. But that's all I want to say because these characters are so much more than I mentioned here.


What is your goal with your writing?


To get published, and lets be honest, have a best seller, though I'd love to meet as many people as possible,  I am an oddity as an writer, because I like being around people..


What would be your dream come true as a writer?


To be recognized.  To be commended and know that all my hard work and time hasn't been for naught and to show my children to never give up on your dreams. That real people can make it.. and all that other juicy stuff.


What is the biggest obstacle, in your mind, that you face as a beginning writer?


Fear that people wont take me seriously because I don't have masses of degrees, stating my worth as a writer. That I have a learning disability, or that my heart is worn on my sleeve and my emotions show through my face even when I am alone and even while I write this.


Here is a fantasy poem by Angela France

The Druid and The Nymph

How I sometimes feel you will never know
the extent of my love ....for you I would die,
to return except on the wings of the places
that you go to in dreams .

You have no true idea
how beautiful you really are and it wold take
any man a lifetime to show you this ,

I am
only glad
that you have chosen me,

I love your heart,
mind, body, soul..unconditionally and without reserve.

Truly.. she bows her head..
He's always out of her reach...
tears shed... life's long thread, pain and
Ripping and tearing through her.  
Forever longing for the love that is ...
just out of her reach... where are you my love?

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