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Cupped Hands
Copyright Amber Alexander

Copyright Amber Alexander

Amber Alexander has a crowd of intriguing character running rampant through her brain at all times.  With her skills as an artist and with the help of her computer, she manages to capture them, one at a time, plucking them from her mind's eye, and rendering them with exquisite beauty for all to enjoy.

Read our interview with Amber and get to know this wonderful artist...

What inspired you to create in this genre?

To me, nothing is more truly beautiful and interesting then the world of fantasy.  I have always found fairies, vampires, and magic to be fascinating.

When did you discover your desire to create art?

Growing up, I've always had an interest in art but I didn't realize that I could have a career in it until much later on.  After high school I joined the Army and while stationed in South Korea, some of my friends from my platoon introduced me to online gaming.  I was hooked and that's what really opened my eyes to the fantasy art world, I wanted to be the person that created those characters.

What inspired you to create with this medium and what inspired the designs? 

I primarily paint digitally in Photoshop with a Wacom drawing tablet.  Up until less than six months ago, all my art was created traditionally, that's how I was taught.  I started doing more research on how the professional concept artists work, and it seemed most of them paint digitally, so I really wanted to try it.  I already had Photoshop already so I went ahead and ordered a tablet and absolutely fell in love with it. From the first painting I made, I knew it was the medium I was waiting for.

Because I was working in a new medium, I needed to completely redo my portfolio.  To do this, I started participating in the character of the week competitions on the forums, which is how many of my current characters, came about.

Copyright Amber Alexander

How long do you work on an image?  When do you know it's finished?

My best illustrations tend take around 15-20 hours.  I like to work on several projects as once so that time will be spread out over several days or weeks.  Right now most of my work is commissioned by clients, so the work is finished when we are both happy with it.

What do you love about being an artist?

There are so many things I love about it.  The best is feeling I get when someone honestly loves my work, their reaction to it is very satisfying.

What is the most difficult thing for you as an artist?

I'd have to say when an illustration I'm working on just isn't coming together and I have to start over.

Copyright Amber Alexander

Who are your favorite artists and authors? (Living or Dead)

My favorite artist would have to be John Singer Sargent, the way he painted people and clothing with the simplest brush strokes is just amazing.

My favorite author is Wilbur Smith.  I recently finished reading River God and that book is just WOW!  I seriously hope it's made into a movie; it would be perfect for one. It's a fictional story about life in ancient Egypt and anyone who is interested in that time period should read it.

In what ways do you stretch yourself to make your work grow?

I like to try things with my art that I haven't done before, I find it's the best way to learn.

Is this the only genre you work in?

Mostly, but I have done a little sci-fi and western.  Fantasy comes more natural to me but I won't know if I'm not interested in something until I try it.

Copyright Amber Alexander

Do you do most of your own marketing?  How do you break up the time with creating and marketing?

Yes I do my own marketing; I've actually found most of my clients through Craig's List.  I try to spend very little time marketing.  However, that time increases when I'm getting close to finishing up with one client and I start looking for more.

Do you attend trade shows to market your work?

No I don't but that is something I want to look into eventually.

What's next for you?  What projects are you working on?

Right now I'm working on a series of angel designs for and an illustration for the official website opening of the book "Javen the Curse and the Apogee's Sign" by R&R Barrs.

What venue do you use to sell or showcase your work?

Some products of my designs can be bought at through

Do you have a website, or other contact information for buyers to reach
you and view your work?

I can be contacted through my website at

The Old Gunfighter
Copyright Amber Alexander

Do you do commissioned work for customers?

Yes, I do lots of this and anyone who is interested or simply has any questions can feel free to contact me.

When you are working on a commissioned piece, do you find you have to dig deeper for the creativity?

Many of the commissioned works I have done, the client has very specific ideas about what they want and I feel that the more details they give me, the easier it is for me to create what they have envisioned.

What advice do you have for aspiring artists?

1) Put together an online portfolio.

2) Don't avoid what you're bad at.  If its faces, keep working at them, erase and start over until it looks how you want.  Same with hands.  You can't get better unless you practice at it.

3) This is probably the most important. Use reference!  Have a mirror by your desk when you need to draw expressions, look at your hand when you need to draw hands, print out pictures of fabric if you need to draw fabric.

Finally the best thing to remember if you want to make art your profession, everyone started out at the bottom.  Art is a skill that you have to learn like any other.  It's the same as picking up a guitar for the first time, how long would it take you to be good enough to get paid to play? 

Art is the same, it takes years of study and the more you search out tutorials and practice, the better you will get.  I'm just starting my career and I have to say it has been hard but it has also been worth it.

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