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You don’t have to have your work hanging in the Louvre or in any expensive New York gallery to consider yourself an artist.

Outside the Frame is a place created for those artists who are looking to get a foot in the art world door.  At the moment they are “outside of the frame”.  They are talented souls who embody depth and creativity. They create because they have to.  Within these pages you will find their work; from the classical to the whimsical to the fantastic.  They are in the midst of their creative journey and view for encouragement at every turn.  Their inspiration to keep going, not only comes from their creative need, but from the feedback they get from you, the ones who view their art.

If their work has moved you in any way, please say so, we want them to know!

If you are in need of artists, please feel free to contact them, or contact us at Silverthornpress@q.com, so we can pass it on.  We do not make any commission, and we do not charge our artists any fees.

We are here to offer a platform to artists who we believe have talent and deserve a chance to be published.

Thank you, sincerely.

Corbin Silverthorn

Our first artist to appear in Outside the Frame is Suzanne Jeffs.  Her fractal designs reveal a dream world; hypnotic in its intricate beauty.  Please take a moment and view Suzanne's work and read the interview with this candid artist.

Artist Nandor Molnar ~ Other World Landscapes

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