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Lily Moonstorm
copyright Jane Starr Weils

Jenna cover art
copyright Jane Starr Weils

Fierce Beauty
copyright Jane Starr Weils

Crystal Pink
copyright Jane Starr Weils

Within Dark Pools
copyright Jane Starr Weils

Kelly of Ravenwood
copyright Jane Starr Weils

Have you ever seen a fairy?  How about a mermaid?  Have you ever wandered into the forest and unexpectedly come upon a magical brook where a sorceress sat upon her throne, enticing you forth with her dark beauty?  Oh, my friends, then you are in for a treat.  Jane Starr Weils brings this fantastic world of the impossible to your doorstep, and with her bold paintings dares you to believe. 

When we look upon the ethereal images she has created, we can only believe Jane has traveled through the mystical and has partaken in the secrets the land of Fairy has to offer, go ahead.  And these creatures have allowed her into their world and have gifted her with exceptional talent to render them.  If ever there was a great artist of things Nether, then Jane Starr Weils is that artist.  Come with us, as we journey with her into the Supernatural, and dare to believe.

Jane was gracious enough to give us a little insight on her creative process...


Monarch Butterfly Queen
copyright Jane Starr Weils

What inspired you to create in this genre and what inspired the designs?

I have always been fascinated by ole tales and legends, myth and magick.  Exploring the depths and designs within these elements!


How long have you been painting?

I painted all the time in High School then not again till many years later.


Are you self taught or formally educated?

Self taught mostly. I had some amazing High School Art teachers and a couple of wonderful Art teachers during my one semester of college. I was not able to afford further education so I became a self taught entrepreneur and soaked up any and all information about art and the biz of art everywhere I could! Through miscellaneous jobs, to opening up my first Art Gallery out west.

copyright Jane Starr Weils

Where do you create your art?  In a studio, or just anywhere you can find the space?

Used to be were ever I could find, the kitchen table etc. Now - I have an actual studio! Tis a small room but charming and all studio! Yay!


What is your favorite medium to work with?

Not sure - I keep playing with and exploring new mediums. Each has their own effect! I tend to mix different mediums to try and reach the desired effects for each piece.


In what ways do you stretch yourself to make your work grow?

Stretch! Oh the imagination for sure and lots of research inspires! And of course, challenging my self to always break out of the box, explore new possibilities with mediums, subjects, light and designs.

copyright Jane Starr Weils

What artists, dead or living, inspire you?

Of course I have to mention Leonardo Da Vinci here! There are so many ole masters I love to explore and am inspired by. The Pre-Raphaelites most definitely! 

There are so many current artists that I love and am sooo inspired by! Tis wonderful to be able to share ideas with them, network with and have enjoyed friendships with.....could not even begin to list them all!  :)


What is the major venue you use to sell your work?

Different fairs and festivals as well as magazines in my genre. My website. Advertising.

Magic Hour of Luna
copyright Jane Starr Weils

What advice do you give beginning artists?

Don't give up! Be patient and persistent! Ask questions! Talk to artists in your genre about how they got started! Follow your heart and dream - always!


Do you have a website, or other contact information for buyers to reach you and view your work?

Web site -   Email -


Do you find yourself having to dig deeper for inspiration when you are working on a commissioned piece as opposed to one you are creating for your own pleasure?

Yes, because even though it is your painting style and technique, you are dealing with someone else's vision  I do find them, well - a lil challenging.....but! Challenging can be good! Comes back to that whole "breaking out of the box thing"!