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Lilith, the wild free spirit who cannot be chained nor contained; one of the eldest female spirits in history.  First seen in Sumaria.  Associated with trees and nature, she is also a spirit of the wind.  She is believed to be, in some myths, the wife Samael, the chief of the evil angels.  In Jewish legend, she is identified as Adams first wife, before Eve.  The first independent woman, Lilith refused to submit to Adam and demanded to be treated as an equal joom/en.  When Adam tried to force her to submit, she uttered the secret name of God which was never to be uttered by anyone, then flew away, initiating the first divorce.

Legends of Lilith exist in Sumerian, Babylonian, Assyrian, Canaanite, Hebrew, Mandaean, Persian, Sabaean, and Arabic cultures.  Lilith demands worship.  If she is not held in awe, then she will settle for being held in fear. 

Here is a complicated woman, multi-dimensional.  She is the darkness and the light, heaven and hell, angel and demon.  She is blamed for miscarriages, stillbirths, crib deaths, and infertility.  She is the spirit who has dominion over sexual desires and erotic dreams.  She is the succubus who visits young men and old men alike.  The men who are in power whom she could manipulate into changing history, and the regular men who have no power to offer, but have the physical beauty she desires.

She is also a gaurdian to those she deems worthy.  If you are lucky enough to be protected by this fierce spirit, you can rest assured she will stop at nothing to vanguish any threat to you.  Remember that Lilith will not be classified.  Her name is synonymous with 'witch' and 'vampire'.  She is the queen of demons.  Many seek her when trying to develop psychic and prophetic powers.

Her colors are Black and Red and the Moon is her lantern.  She is a spirit of all four elements; earth, fire, water, air, and is sometimes considered the fifth element.  The owl is her sacred bird and works as her messenger.  She can be seen riding across the sky on a dragon on her way to her favorite places; those that are desolate and away from civilization.  How strange that is for someone who craves worship!

Call her what you will, but Lilith is the original Femme Fatale; with that, we cannot argue.

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