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Why this site?

We believe we are all broken in some way.  We are all seeking something that will heal that brokenness.  When we use the neurodermitis creme apotheke rezeptfrei word broken, we don't mean some horrible deep psychological break in our psyche, we're just talking about that missing-ness that we feel at times.  The little disconnect that makes us feel out of sorts.  So, we know there is a supernatural world, and during the times of that disconnect, we have a longing to connect and understand the supernatural.  Some naturally believe, some almost believe, and some just don't believe at all.  But the supernatural is there.  Why do you think shows like Ghosthunters, Paranormal State, and others like it are so popular?  Because we are all looking for proof of the supernatural.

We don't claim to have answers on this web site.  All we can give is information about what's out there.  All we can give you is perhaps some inspiration with artworks and writings.  Maybe this will be a place where you can come to and like an old comfortable library, you can dig through the writings and the art and the emails and maybe find a connection or some inspiration to get you through the artist's block.

We encourage you to share your experiences.  Send your questions.  If we don't have the answers right at hand, then we will research and find answers.  So, we hope you sign up for the FREE newsletter and enjoy reading the stories, the descriptions and explanations!

Thank you once again for visiting. 

The Motley Crew at
Silverthorn Press

Author's note:

The stories you will read about me are based on fact but only you will choose what you believe.  Do I really see fairies?  Or am I delusional?  Have I talked with a vampire?  Or am I just making it all up?  It's up to you, dear reader, to decide.  My existence is my existence, my experiences mine, and if I embellish, so be it, but if I don't, can you imagine the possibilities? Either way I hope you enjoy the website.  Just a note: William J. Corbin is a PEN-NAME.

William J Corbin
Silverthorn Press

SilverthornPress.com is a creation of MAGICAL REALISM.  What is magical realism?  It is a literary genre presenting a credible cosmos in which all sorts of bizarre stuff happens without being thought anymore unusual than the bizarre events on the nightly news.  The artists and writers on this website create in this genre, or close to it, and they bring you into their worlds with their art and their stories.

Through these pages actual facts are transmitted to the reader. 
Every shred of content on all pages of this web site are copyright William J. Corbin & Silverthorn Press (includes all partners) 2009.  None can be copied and used elsewhere without the permission of the copyright owners.

You can contact Silverthorn Press through emails.  Letters to the editor, William J. Corbin, will be posted on the website and ezine/newsletter. 

Come join us!  

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