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I am asking you to trust me.

I've been warned by many that writing about such things as fairies, vampires, mermaids, and other netherworld creatures is either high courage or the folly of the very stupid.  I have never thought of myself as extremely courageous (I truly believe in the idea of 'run away and live to fight another day') nor have I ever thought of myself as very stupid.  I like to think of myself as lucky; in the right place at the right time; born under favorable stars.  Whatever you choose to call it.  It's just the way my life has been.

But, as I said before, I'm not stupid and I understand the warnings.
You see, not all creatures of the netherworld like to be written about.  And, of course, it's usually the shadow dwellers who make the biggest fuss, and I refuse to name any group specifically -- vampires

Seriously though, I do believe humans deserve a heads-up.  We dabble in things unknown because they entice us.  Sometimes to our benefit, other times-most times-to our detriment. Ask the sailors who answered the siren's call. Did you know the netherworld and our world interweave?  Did you know these creatures walk among us and may even be someone you know?  Hmm.  It is all so very interesting.

The purpose of this ezine and website is to share information.  After all, for what is the purpose of our journey here on earth if not to find knowledge wherever we can?  For I, as so many others, was looking through a glass darkly, seeing flashes of the truth, tantalized by these glimpses into what otherwise would be considered products of an overactive imagination, but I have seen and have been given access to the most wonderful place anyone can hope to be a part of... and that my friends is what I want to share with you.  I ask that you trust me... not yet, but in time.

There are many out there who have a connection to the Nether world.. artists, writers, poets.. etc.  We have included https://onfy.de/katalog/5343c2c53f92425f9031a9eb27553efd/trockene-haut in interviews with these creators, along with a display of their fantastic works.  Some are published, some are not... all understand the desire and pull the Nether has for all of us...

Reclaim the wonder of your childhood, and if your childhood had no wonder for reasons that were beyond your control, then please take my hand and perhaps you will find answers to the questions you have mens thong swimwear. And besides, it's fun.

At the most, this ezine will impart knowledge to you that you did not posses before, and at the least, it will keep you company until you finish your coffee.

Thank you for choosing to spend your time here with me, because I know that life is extremely complicated these days and you could have chosen to be elsewhere

Thank you,
William J. U.

©2009 William J. & SilverthornPress. All content on this website is copyright and is not to be used without permission. We will kick your ass.